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Corona Elite is a leading manufacturer specializing in high frequency face wands, focusing on bulk low prices and brand customization. Our products are tailored to meet the needs of skincare brands in the USA, UK, Australia, and Europe. Connect with us for premium, cost-effective skin therapy solutions.

High Frequency Wand

Enhance your skincare offerings with our high-frequency face wands. These wands are designed for skin rejuvenation, helping reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture.

6 in 1 high frequency wand
high frequency wand
high frequency wand
high frequency wand
6 in 1 high frequency wand
6 in 1 high frequency wand

Customizable Face Wand

Elevate your brand with our customizable high-frequency face wands. Tailored to fit your brand’s identity, these wands offer effective skin treatment with a personal touch.

customizable face wand
customizable face wand
customizable face wand

Your Go-To Source for High-Frequency Face Wands

Are you seeking effective and affordable high-frequency face wands for your skincare brand? Corona Elite offers custom solutions to fit your brand’s specific needs. With our extensive knowledge of high-frequency technology, we craft wands that perfectly align with your brand’s ethos and customer expectations.

6 in 1 high frequency wand
6 in 1 high frequency wand
  • Tailored Design: We provide design customization to reflect your brand’s unique style.
  • Wide Range of Options: Choose from various wand types to cater to different skincare needs.
  • Effective Treatment: Our wands are designed for optimum skin rejuvenation and care.
  • Quality Assurance: At Corona Elite, we are committed to delivering top-quality high-frequency wands you can rely on.

Partner with Corona Elite for innovative and effective high-frequency face wands. Elevate your brand and offer your customers the best in skincare technology.

Why Choose Corona Elite?

Corona Elite stands out in the high-frequency face wand industry due to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Industry Expertise: Our in-depth knowledge in high-frequency technology ensures cutting-edge products.
  • Customized Solutions: Our products are designed to meet your specific brand requirements.
  • Quality First: We are dedicated to delivering products that your customers can trust.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Your success is our priority, and we work tirelessly to support your goals.

Choose Corona Elite for your high-frequency face wand needs and experience a partnership that drives success.

FAQs High-Frequency Face Wands

Got questions about our high-frequency face wands? We’ve got answers! If you have more queries, don’t hesitate to reach out.

What is a high-frequency face wand and how does it benefit the skin?

A high-frequency face wand is a skincare tool that uses low-level electrical currents to rejuvenate the skin. It’s known for improving skin tone, reducing wrinkles, and promoting healthier skin.

Can high-frequency wands be used daily?

Yes, our wands are designed for safe daily use, providing gentle and effective skin therapy.

Are these wands suitable for all skin types?

Our range includes wands suitable for various skin types. We can guide you in selecting the right wand for your target customer base.

How can I customize the wand for my brand?

We offer customization options in design, packaging, and functionality to align the product with your brand identity. Please contact us for more details.

What are your pricing and payment terms for bulk orders?

We offer competitive pricing for our face wand, with specific quotations based on your order size and customization details. Our payment terms are a 30% deposit before production and a 70% balance before shipping.

What is the average lifespan of a high-frequency face wand?

Our wands are built for durability, offering a 3 year long lifespan with proper care and usage..

What is the lead time for custom orders?

Lead times vary based on order size and customization requirements. Normally it takes 15-20 days for a custom brand order.

What is your pricing for bulk orders of face wand?

Our pricing varies based on order quantity and customization details. We offer competitive pricing tailored to your order specifications.

Are your face wand eco-friendly?

We are committed to sustainability. Our face wand are made with eco-friendly materials, and we continuously work towards environmentally responsible manufacturing practices.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, we cater to clients globally and offer international shipping options to the USA, UK, Australia, Europe, and other regions.

Contact Us for High Frequency Wands

Unleash the potential of high frequency skin therapy in your skincare line. Partner with Corona Elite for bespoke, effective, and affordable high-frequency face wands that will set your brand apart in the competitive beauty industry.

Chapter 1

What are the benefits of high-frequency face wands for skincare?

High-frequency face wands are known for offering a range of skincare benefits due to their unique mode of action, which involves the use of low-level electrical currents. The primary benefits include:

  1. Acne Treatment: High-frequency wands are effective in treating and preventing acne by oxygenating the skin and producing an antiseptic effect. They help to reduce inflammation and eliminate acne-causing bacteria.

  2. Enhanced Blood Circulation: The gentle oscillating action of these wands improves blood circulation to the skin, which can aid in cell renewal and rejuvenation.

  3. Skin Tightening and Wrinkle Reduction: Regular use of high-frequency wands can lead to subtle lifting effects, which help in tightening the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  4. Improved Product Absorption: These devices can enhance the skin’s ability to absorb skincare products, thereby increasing their effectiveness.

  5. Reduction of Puffiness and Dark Circles: The stimulation of the skin and underlying tissues can help reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.

  6. Exfoliation: High-frequency wands can also aid in the gentle exfoliation of the skin’s surface, leading to a brighter complexion.

high frequency wand

Chapter 2

What are the technical and specifications of the high-frequency face wand?

High-frequency face wands work by emitting a high-frequency alternating current through a glass electrode filled with either neon or argon gas. When the electrode touches the skin, it delivers a mild electrical current, typically felt as a soft warming or tingling sensation. This electrical stimulation acts like a mini-workout for the skin, increasing oxygen levels, improving circulation, promoting collagen production, and stimulating healing. Additionally, these devices produce a small amount of ozone, which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, beneficial for killing bacteria and reducing inflammation and swelling.

The type of gas used in the wand plays a crucial role in targeting specific skin concerns. Neon gas, emitting a red/orange light, is suitable for normal, dry, and aging skin, while argon gas produces a blue/violet light, more effective for addressing excess sebum and acne issues. High-frequency wands can also improve skin tone and texture, reduce inflammation, and lessen the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

6 in 1 high frequency wand
  • Frequency Range: Typically, these devices operate in a frequency range suitable for skin treatment, often between 100 kHz to 5 MHz. The exact frequency can influence the depth of skin penetration and effectiveness.
  • Power Source: Most wands are either rechargeable (using a USB or a charging dock) or battery-operated. The choice affects portability and ease of use.
  • Material and Build Quality: Common materials include medical-grade stainless steel or high-quality plastics for the wand’s body. Durability and hypoallergenic properties are crucial.
  • Electrode Types: Different types of electrodes (e.g., glass or metal) can be used, each suited for specific treatments (like acne treatment, hair growth stimulation, etc.).
  • Intensity Settings: Adjustable intensity levels allow users to customize the treatment according to their comfort and skin type.
  • Safety Features: Features like auto shut-off, insulated handles, and protective caps are important for user safety.

Chapter 3

What is the current size of the high-frequency face wand market?

The global beauty devices market, which includes high-frequency face wands, was valued at USD 24.40 billion in 2022. It is projected to grow at a rapid Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.8% and is expected to reach USD 74.19 billion by 2032. (Data from Emergen Research) This growth is driven by increasing awareness of various skin issues and advancements in beauty device technology.

Within this market, the segment for light/LED therapy and photo rejuvenation devices, which high-frequency face wands are a part of, is anticipated to experience fast revenue growth. This segment is gaining traction due to its effectiveness in addressing skin concerns like pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Regionally, North America led the market in 2022, attributed to factors like the prevalence of skin and hair disorders, an aging population, and heightened awareness of personal hygiene. Europe held the second-largest revenue share, with increasing personal grooming expenditures and the adoption of electronic devices boosting the market. Additionally, the Asia Pacific region is expected to witness the fastest revenue growth, driven by an aging population, accessibility to diverse treatment options, and the prevalence of skin, and hair. (Data from grandviewresearch)

before and after

Chapter 4

Brands Analysis: Stacked Skincare and Pure Daily Care High-Frequency Face Wands

The StackedSkincare High Frequency Acne Device is a facial tool designed for skin rejuvenation. It features argon gas electrodes that emit an electrical current to generate bacteria-killing oxygen, which is beneficial for acne treatment. The product also includes a comb wand that uses neon gas to support scalp balance and hair health. It comes with a customizable dial for adjusting the electrical current and a storage case with magnetic closure.

high frequency acne device

The NuDerma Standard High Frequency Wand from Pure Daily Care is designed as a complete skincare system. It focuses on amplifying cell turnover by supercharging ATP synthesis, which helps slow down and potentially reverse aging signs like sagging skin, hair loss, and age spots. The wand is also effective for acne treatment and reducing wrinkles and fine lines. It operates at a high frequency of 50-60Hz and is painless, aiming to boost circulation and collagen production.

nuderma standard high frequency wand – pure daily y
  • Tumakou High-Frequency Machine: Focuses on anti-aging with neon-powered wands, noted for being affordable.
  • Project E Beauty High Frequency Device: Provides multiple probes for different skin concerns, including blemishes and firmness loss.
  • Apreuty High Frequency Machine 7-in-1: An all-in-one kit with seven different wands for various skin issues.
  • NewWay High Frequency Therapy Wand: Offers multiple electrodes and is praised for its versatility in treating different skin conditions.
  • Lift Care Rejuven Wand: Focuses on skin rejuvenation and lifting, popular for its effectiveness in anti-aging treatments.
  • Beauty Star High Frequency Facial Machine: Offers a comprehensive set with different electrodes, known for its skin rejuvenation capabilities.
  • DermaWand Pro: A well-known brand that combines thermal energy and microcurrent technologies, targeting fine lines and wrinkles.

Chapter 5

Target Market Needs for High-Frequency Face Wands

The high-frequency face wand market is evolving with several key trends to meet the diverse needs of consumers in the USA, UK, Australia, and Europe. These trends include:

high frequency wand
  • More Portable and Cordless Models: To increase portability and ease of use, cordless models with built-in batteries are gaining popularity.
  • Increased Frequency Settings: Modern devices offer adjustable frequency settings for deeper skin penetration and tailored treatments.
  • Specialized Treatment Heads: Interchangeable heads for targeted facial areas are becoming standard to enhance treatment effectiveness.
  • Digital Displays and Settings: User-friendly digital controls for precise setting adjustments are increasingly common.
  • Longer, Ergonomic Handles: For more comfortable usage, ergonomic designs are being emphasized.
  • Dual Operation Modes: Devices offering both direct and indirect high-frequency modes are preferred for versatile skincare treatments.
  • Ultraviolet Sterilization: Built-in UV sterilization for hygiene and safety is an emerging feature.
  • Hydrating Attachment Heads: To prevent skin dryness, hydrating heads that deposit moisturizing agents are being introduced.
  • At-Home Facial Kits: Comprehensive kits including the wand and complementary skincare products are favored for a complete skincare experience.

Chapter 6

What are the regulatory requirements and standards in markets?

For high-frequency face wands to be marketed in the USA, UK, Australia, and Europe, they must comply with specific regulatory standards and certifications in each region:

  1. USA: Compliance with FDA regulations for skincare devices is crucial. This may include registration and listing, good manufacturing practices, and possibly premarket notification (510k).

  2. UK and Europe: CE marking is essential, indicating conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area. Post-Brexit, the UK may require additional or separate compliance standards.

  3. Australia: Compliance with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) regulations is necessary. This includes adherence to Australian standards for electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

high frequency wand

Chapter 7

How to customize to align with brand identity?

Customization capabilities for high-frequency face wands can vary widely depending on the manufacturer’s flexibility and technological capabilities. Here are some aspects that can typically be customized:

  1. Design Customization: This can include the shape, size, and color of the wand. Some manufacturers may allow branding elements like logos or specific design motifs to be incorporated into the product’s design.

  2. Feature Customization: Features such as adjustable frequency settings, types of electrodes (argon or neon gas), and additional functionalities (like LED therapy) can be tailored to suit specific skincare needs.

  3. Packaging Customization: Packaging is a key aspect where customization is often feasible. This includes the box design, materials used, and the inclusion of branded instructions, brochures, or any additional marketing materials.

  4. Electrode Customization: Some manufacturers may offer different types of electrodes for different treatments (like acne treatment, hair growth, etc.), which can be customized or selected based on your target market.

  5. Safety Features: Customization of safety features (like automatic shut-off, EMF shielding) based on regional regulatory requirements is possible.

  6. Digital Interface: For advanced models, the digital interface (like LED displays) can be customized to include different languages or branded designs.

  7. Material Selection: Depending on the manufacturer, there might be options to select different materials for the wand, like medical-grade stainless steel or hypoallergenic plastics.

  8. Accessory Inclusion: Customization of the kit, including the types of accessories provided with the wand (like different types of electrodes, carrying cases, etc.), can be an option.

It’s important to note that the extent of customization will depend on the manufacturing process, the costs involved, and the minimum order quantities. Customizing too many aspects can lead to increased production time and higher costs per unit. Always discuss these aspects with the manufacturer to understand the feasibility and impact on pricing and lead times.

customizable face wand

Chapter 8

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) and Lead Time


  • Standard Orders: For standard, off-the-shelf products, MOQs can be relatively low. Some manufacturers might set an MOQ as low as 50 to 100 units, especially if the product does not require any customization.
  • Customized Orders: For customized orders, the MOQ is typically higher. This is because customization often requires additional MOQ requirements in the manufacturing process. MOQs for customized products can range from 500 hundred to 1000 thousand units, depending on the extent of the customization and the manufacturer’s capabilities. Manufacturers like Corona Elite are allowing start from 500 pcs.

Lead Time

  • Standard Products: For standard products that require no customization and are readily available in stock, the lead time can be relatively short, ranging from a few days to a couple of weeks.
  • Customized Products: For products that require customization, the lead time will be longer. This includes the time for producing pre-production samples, mass production, and shipping. Customized orders have a lead time ranging from 15 to 25 days.
customizable face wand

Chapter 9

What retail price would make your product competitive yet profitable?

Based on the current market offerings for high-frequency face wands, here is a summary of the pricing and features of various brands:

  • Pure Daily Care NuDerma Professional: Priced around $99.99, this device includes six wands with a mix of argon and neon gases. It’s versatile for treating multiple skin issues.
  • Pure Daily Care NuDerma Clinical: Also around $99.99, this wand uniquely combines neon and argon gases in a single electrode, making it effective for skin pigmentation and acne.
  • Solawave 4-in-1 Radiant Renewal Skincare Wand: Priced at $149, it offers multiple treatments like red light therapy and galvanic current for anti-aging benefits.
  • Skin Gym High Frequency Wand: Available for $95, this device focuses on reducing and preventing acne with high-frequency technology.
  • Nuderma Professional Skin Therapy Wand: At $69.95, it offers a lower-cost option with neon-powered attachments for skin tightening and acne reduction.
  • Stacked Skincare High Frequency Wand: Priced at $130, it targets acne and inflammation and includes a customizable dial and various wand options.

These prices reflect a range of options in the market, from more affordable, basic models to higher-priced, multifunctional devices. When considering your pricing strategy, it’s important to factor in the unique features of your product, your brand positioning, and the target customer segment. Aligning your price with the perceived value and market standards will be key to ensuring competitiveness and profitability.

6 in 1 high frequency wand

Chapter 10

What are the typical lead times for manufacturing and shipping large orders?

Typical Lead Times for Manufacturing and Shipping Large Orders of Jade Rollers
When planning the launch or expansion of a product line with jade rollers, understanding the typical lead times for manufacturing and shipping large orders is crucial for efficient inventory management and customer expectation setting.

Manufacturing Lead Time is 25-30 days

  • Production Capacity:

The time required for manufacturing depends on the production capacity of the facility. Corona Elite has a high-capacity manufacturing of 10000 pieces per day, which can reduce lead times to 15-20 days.

  • Customization Complexity:

Custom orders, especially those with specific design requirements (like unique sizes or special packaging), can increase production time.

  • Material Availability:

The availability of high-quality jade is a key factor. If the required jade is readily available, it accelerates the production process. Delays in sourcing can extend lead times.

  • Choice of Freight Service:

ship by air: 7-10 days
ship by sea: 35-45 days

In Summary

High frequency face wand offers a promising opportunity in the skincare market. This innovative device, known for its efficacy in skin rejuvenation, targets various skin issues like acne, inflammation, and aging signs. Its technology enhances product absorption and stimulates collagen production, catering to a growing consumer demand for advanced skincare solutions.

With the potential for customization and alignment with current wellness trends, It’s an opportunity to innovate within your product line and tap into new customer segments across the USA, UK, Australia, and Europe. Sending an inquiry to specialized manufacturers for detailed insights and collaboration opportunities.