Anti-Aging Firming Eye Pads

Erase aging signs around your eye skin with anti-aging firming eye pads and regain your youthful and beautiful appearance. All it takes is 10 minutes a day.

Additional information

Item Name



EMS pulse + Red light


Red light mode
Red light + EMS(high, middle, low)

Host Battery


Eye Pads Battery



Type C


Auto shut down for 10 minutes each time it works



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Details about Anti-Aging Firming Eye Pads

The eye patches work like a charm in getting rid of under-eye bags, puffy eyes, and fading away wrinkles, dark circles, and fine lines.

The Eye pad uses a combination of red light therapy and electrical muscle stimulation(EMS) technology to treat your eye skin deep down to its pores and improve its appearance. Red light helps boost collagen and promote skin rejuvenation. EMS uses a special low-frequency microcurrent to stimulate and exercise the deep muscles of the eye skin and provide eye relief.

Comes with 3 intensity settings you can choose from to suit your eye skincare needs: LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH. Easy to stick to the eye skin and easy to use with the one-button control.

The eye massager is USB rechargeable with a battery case and has a long battery life.

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