Auto Rotating Facial Brush

Auto-rotating facial brush has dual frequency variables, which can massage the skin while cleaning the microcirculation and improving metabolism. The low speed is 300 rotating/min for dry, sensitive, and acne-prone skin; the high speed is 450 rotating /min for thick stratum corneum and oily skin.

Additional information

Item Name


Rotating Speed

300 times/ 1min
450 times/1min


95*60*42 mm

Brush Heads

Makeup remover brush
Deeper cleaning brush
Sensitive soft skin brush


350 mAh
Lithium Battery



Charging Time

1 H




White, Custom Color



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Details about Auto Rotating Facial Brush

Auto-rotating facial brush, bringing deeper cleansing for skin, 3 optional heads suitable for makeup cleansing, sensitive skin cleansing, and oily skin. It works wonders for the skin and leaves your skin looking amazingly smooth, soft, and radiant.

high-rotating on your skin per minute for double cleansing effects. It also preps your face for fast and easy absorption of nutrients from skincare products. A must-have skincare device for facial cleansing.

The Auto-rotating face brush is made with 0.05 mm soft brushes. It is gentle on the face and doesn’t cause any irritation. Suitable for all skin types.

Portable and easy to use with the humanized design.

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auto rotating facial brush auto rotating facial brush


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