EMS Face Lifting Belt

3 in 1 brings you firmer skin and a V-shaped face. EMS mode with 5 levels of muscle training. 4 vibration modes: full face vibration, intermittent vibration, slap vibration, and alternate vibration. Red light: 630nm, promotes collagen production and rejuvenates the skin.

Additional information

Item Name



EMS, Vibration, Red LED


200 mAh




Black, Custom Color



Charging Time

1 hour

Kindly adjust the quantity for an accurate quote.

Details about EMS Face Lifting Belt

V Shape
It can effectively enhance the facial contour and make the face firm and smooth.

Facial Muscle Relax
Relax the masseter muscles, perform facial exercises, improve muscle elasticity, make the V shape fit the face, and massage in place. It works better with serum and introduces ions into the serum for enhanced absorption.

Humanized Design
Skin-friendly material, safe and non-irritating. An intelligent remote control operation, more simple and convenient. Small size, lightweight, slim face anytime, anywhere.

Suitable for all face shapes
It has an adjustment feature so that no matter what your head size and shape, the strap will fit snugly around your head without discomfort.

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ems face lifting beltems face lifting belt

ems face lifting belt



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