Multifunction Facial Cleaner

The vibration mode silicone brush makes the foam more delicate and achieves the effect of deep cleaning. The 42-degree lead-in mode gives the facial muscles a very relaxed status.

Additional information

Item Name


Cleaning Mode

3-speeds vibration+ soft silicone brush

Lead in Mode

heating 42℃ / heating+vibration





Input voltage


Input current



White, Custom Color



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Details about Multifunction Facial Cleaner

Give your face a good deep cleansing and get rid of leftover makeup, dirt, sweat, oils, pollution, etc., with the Multifunction Silicone Face Brush. It works wonders for the skin and leaves your skin looking amazingly smooth, soft, and radiant.

It is more effective than your hands and does thousands of high-frequency vibrations on your skin per minute for double cleansing effects. It also preps your face for fast and easy absorption of nutrients from skincare products. A must-have skincare device for facial cleansing.

The silicone face brush is made of ABS material and features a soft silicone brush head that’s as soft as the bristles of a soft toothbrush. It is gentle on the face and doesn’t cause any irritation. Suitable for all skin types.

Portable and easy to use with the humanized design.

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